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Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description

The best way to really understand a Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description is to look at it from the patients view point. The patient sees you as their primary daily care giver. They see you as the one who they can count on or the one that is always there for them.

The patient sees your Certified Nursing Assistant Career as being the one that they trust and have a relationship with. Yes, they also trust their doctor but it’s you who they see every day and have built a bond with.

The position of Certified Nursing Assistant or the CNA job description can be quite demanding. However, it can also be one of the most rewarding career choices you will ever make.

Below we take a closer look at what a few of the day to day CNA job description and responsibilities look like in the real world. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it should cover many of the more common tasks.

– Hygiene – The CNA will of course care for the patients daily bathing, cleaning, brushing of teeth, brushing of hair and all other manner of daily hygiene practices. Just think of all the things you do every day to get cleaned up and it’s really no different.

-Feeding – As a Certified Nursing Assistant you will be responsible for ensuring each of your patients receives all of their daily prescribed nourishment and fluids. If the patient is incapacitated you will be trained in the proper method for dealing with this.

-Assisting – You will generally be under the direct supervision of a Registered nurse and or doctor. They will be guiding you and of course reviewing all of the data you have collected since their last review.

-Movement – Most patients will require some form of daily exercise and or movement. If a patient lays to long without movement their condition can deteriorate quite rapidly. Also they will begin to develop bedsores from pressure points touching the same spots on the bed for so long. You will help them get up get moving and keep them active and in better health because of it.

– Collecting Data – Part of your Certified Nursing Assistant position will be taken up by the collection of patient information or data. You will monitor food intake, elimination, mood and many other general signs of health. This data is quite important as it shows strong indicators of whether a patient is improving of not.

Sure there is much more to your Certified Nursing Assistant Job Description then what we have written here and we are sure you would find even more once on the job were we to write a novel. The biggest thing you really have to ask yourself is: do you really like helping people? Because the people you will be caring for really truly need you and so greatly appreciate all you do for them you may not even be able to imagine it. They may not tell you that’s a part of your CNA job Description but it most certainly is.

One thing, these days you can begin your CNA Career with CNA Classes online due to the prevalence of the internet and get a huge head start on your CNA Degree.

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