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CNA Classes in Utah

The demand of  CNA Classes in Utah is high, that means you will find good career development opportunities if you choose to go into the health care industry. A quite fast way to get this career is via being a Certified Nursing Assistant. You can get CNA Classes in Utah from our partner that will give you information how to get CNA Classes in Utah for detail.

After attending the CNA Classes in Utah at the state-approved/accredited school, you need to pass the certification exam. Afterwards, your name will appear inside the Utah nurse aide registry. This is a registry administered through the State Office of Vocational Education, with the purpose of recording names from the certified nurses who’re qualified to work as CNA in Utah.

Utah Nurse Aide Registry

Utah Health Technology Certification Center

550 East 300 South, Kaysville,

UT 84037

(801) 547-9947

Where to Take CNA Classes in Utah ?

You can find below a variety of CNA Classes in Utah programs. There are lots of others available, in case you find none of the appealing.

1. Rocky Mountain CNA provides an 80 hours CNA program that’s accredited by the state of Utah. The information is delivered via employing a variety of communication means and also the scheduling is flexible. Tuition is $395 and includes textbooks and all supplies.

2. Dixie State College of Utah provides a CNA Classes in Utah which includes 70 lectures and lab hours plus one day of clinical practice. The tuition is $692, there is a $30 lab fee and textbooks cost ca. $90.

3. Provo College has a CNA program which includes 80 hours of total training with 24 clinical practice hours. The fee is $450 and doesn’t include the textbooks.

4. Utah CNA Centers has a CNA Classes in Utah program which includes 68 hours of classroom instruction and 16 hours of CNA clinical instruction. There are many schedules to make it feasible for you to attend and the tuition is $295.

5. Nursing Education Center provides the option to choose either a 2 week or a 6 week class. The tuition is $350 and you have to consider that the certification exam fee is an additional cost of $70.

6. Orchard CNA Training Centers provide an 80 hours CNA Classes in Utah program which combines classroom and clinical instruction. Tuition is $350.

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