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CNA Job Description: Duties and Responsibilities

Any person who wishes to become a certified nursing assistant, should be aware of the important role that they will have to play in looking after the sick, elderly and ailing individuals. This noble profession is a rewarding career if you have a good disposition and pleasing bedside manners. With the unemployment situation on the rise, you can easily get work as a certified nurse if you are able to understand and apply your mind to the tasks that are indicated, in the CNA job description.

Understanding What The CNA Job Description Entails

A CNA must be able to assist the sick to perform routine activities such as bathing and grooming. You may have to help them with walking, exercising, eating and other simple acts that they are incapable of performing on their own. Apart from this, a CNA job description includes assisting physicians and LPNs during an operation. A certified nursing assistant must know how to record vital signs such as pulse rate, temperature, blood pressure and so on. The CNA job duties also include administrative works such as answering telephone calls, filling up insurance forms and explaining treatment procedures to patients in simple terminology.

CNA Duties Depends On the Place Of Work

As a certified nursing assistant, you may be working shifts and your duties may differ from patient to patient. You will have to learn how to make beds, rotate the patient every two hours if required, record information of the patients and help them to shift from a bed to a wheelchair. Any changes, or a reaction from a patient who is critically ill, has to be notified immediately to the doctor. Blood sugar levels, blood pressure and temperature of the patients have to be taken if the patient requires to be monitored.

Hands on Training and Experience with CNA Hospital Jobs

As a certified nursing assistant, you may be assigned to a unit on a particular floor in a hospital or be given tasks in the emergency room, intensive care, or in a medical surgical unit. You will experience job rotation as you work through various units so that you become acquainted with different situations and different environments. You may be delegated to the maternity ward, where you have to deal with women who are going through labor. You will make reports and submit them to the nurse aide, who relieves you, so that information on the health of the patients is updated and available when the reliever takes over.

The nursing assistant has to provide care as required to patients that they have been assigned to look after. When you work in a hospital you are able to get information about the patient and their family. The care that you give the patient will be noticed and appreciated if you have provided good health care. If you are able to handle the duties you can study further to become a Registered LPN with higher accreditation. You can also further your career by specializing in a subject that interests you and motivates you to move higher up the ladder.

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