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CNA Training in Louisiana

Certified Nursing Assistants (CNAs) in Louisiana, are in great demand at private nursing homes, hospitals and long-term care facilities as play an important role in the personal care of patients, provide essential health care, actively take a role in the patient’s wellbeing always under the direction and supervision of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN).

Individuals interested in a career as a CNA in the state of Louisiana, must first attend an approved CNA training program that is regulated by Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, and then pass the competency exam and listed as eligible on the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry.

There are noumerous nursing training programs throughout the Louisiana that meet the guidelines and the Federal regulations. Those are mostly offered at community colleges, online schools, universities or specialized schools, as well at several healthcare facilities. Also, the American Red Cross offers regular CNA training classes.

Additional, some hospitals and nursing facilities provide free training, in exchange the employment for a specified period of time upon completing training and certification. However, a majority of the nursing homes in the state of Louisiana do not provide direct CNA training, but they sponsor your training at another facility.

CNA perform tasks like, taking vital signs, tidying patients’ room, dressing, feeding, bathing, transporting of patients, stocking supplies, operation and maintenance of medical equipment, safety and emergency procedures (CPR), etc.

CNA Training in Louisiana (LA)

CNA Training in LouisianaThe Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals approves CNA programs in Louisiana. A high school diploma or GED certification is recommended for CNAs, but not required by the state. The applicant must be 18 years of age, must have proof of immunizations as well as a clean criminal background report, and an application fee ($35) to enroll.

General requirements for training programs in Louisiana stipulate that a student must complete a minimum of 80 hours of training. Out of the 80 hours, the initial 40 hours will have to be in a classroom training, and the next 40 hours will require clinical practice in a nursing home or hospital in Louisiana. These programs can last for 6 to 12 weeks and their fees may range from $800 to &2000.

The training programs cover subjects that will instruct students to effectively handle the medical, psychosocial, physical and emotional needs of patients in healthcare facilities. Also, the trainees have to study subjects related to anatomy and physiology, nutrition, body mechanics, resident rights, communication and interpersonal skills, personal care, infection control, how to understand medical terminologies, how to handle medical equipments and how to respond to health emergencies.

Louisiana CNA Certification

At the end of the program, students are prepared to take the Certified Nursing Assistant test at any one of the test locations that is approved by the Louisiana State Board of Nursing in cooperation with the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN).

The test is called ‘National Nurse Aide Assessment Program (NNAAP)’ and consist of a written test, where there are multiple-choice questions related to physical care, psychosocial care, and role of a nursing assistant, and in clinical examination, where examinees have to demonstrate any five nurse aide skills out of a set of 25 competency skills. Clinical exam is often administered after one or two weeks from written test.

Examinee will need to re-take the training course if fail three times in competency exam.

Upon successful completion of training and the certification examination, candidate’s name is placed as eligible on the Louisiana Nurse Aide Registry that maintains records of all those who work as CNA in state. Nursing assistant licenses remain valid for a period of two years and then must be renewed.

CNA Jobs & Salary in Louisiana

There is a positive trend for CNA career path in Louisiana and a promising future in the healthcare field. The career opportunities are many and varied for those who are willing to develop and advance their careers. Experience is usually the most important aspect in determining the CNA salary in Louisiana. Experienced CNAs will enjoy many benefits if are able to build on their knowledge, experience and abilities.

According to the Louisiana Workforce, the growth in jobs for Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is expected to grow at a rate of 30% from now until 2016! The CNA salary in Louisiana ranges from around $18,000 to $22,000 a year.
Hospitals are of the facilities where CNAs usually want to work because of the high pay and great benefits but there are other places, such as government agencies, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, and home health agencies where a CNA can work.

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